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Latest Blog Post: "James Bond Isn’t a Timelord"

James Bond Isn’t a Timelord

Posted on Saturday 23rd May, 2015

As a die-hard James Bond fan, one of the biggest struggles is coming to terms with one of the larger ever-present issues the franchise has: continuity. If that’s a foreign word to you, it refers to how a work of fiction progresses as a whole. For example, Doctor Who has...

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Latest Portfolio Article: "On Parsing Text and HTML with PHP"

On Parsing Text and HTML with PHP

Posted on Friday 15th May, 2015

I’ve had a bit of dabbling with reading and interpreting text using PHP recently, specifically for two personal projects: A “translator” that reads in text and converts it to “fake French” (in the style of other silly “translators”). A simple application that reads and organises HTML bookmark files (as in...

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Latest Tales of Sin Entry: "The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog"

The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog

Posted on Friday 26th September, 2014

The mercs undertook all the little tasks they knew were required when embarking on a job, the little everyday things that might not be possible for a while. They cleaned themselves, prepared their equipment and relaxed. Doug utilised his innate talent for materialising alcohol from out of nowhere to produce...

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