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  • 24/01/15, 7:45pm :- Pleased to announce that my website has now changed its clothes! A few fixes to make, otherwise it's good to go... http://t.co/1e6jr0zBK0
  • 11/01/15, 9:11pm :- In case you missed the Two Docs World Tour last year, here's a handy-dandy recap! http://t.co/xK1YjSjC9i It's coming back...
  • 01/01/15, 12:14pm :- #HappyNewYear everyone, have an obligatory list of stuff I wrote last year. http://t.co/RiTG5U5ZdS

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Latest Blog Post: "The Year in Blogs: 2014"

Posted on Thursday 1st January, 2015

I had high hopes for 2014, but when I started the year by almost killing myself with alcohol it sort of set the mood. Despite that little hiccup at the start of the year, a lot of effort went into the first few chapters of the Two Doctors’ World Tour,...

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Latest Tales of Sin Entry: "The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog"

The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog

Posted on Friday 26th September, 2014

The mercs undertook all the little tasks they knew were required when embarking on a job, the little everyday things that might not be possible for a while. They cleaned themselves, prepared their equipment and relaxed. Doug utilised his innate talent for materialising alcohol from out of nowhere to produce...

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Latest Portfolio Article: "Facebook Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Its Users"

Facebook Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Its Users

Posted on Saturday 29th November, 2014

Facebook did a little thing this week which caused me some concern, as it showed that the people behind Facebook either don’t know or don’t care about how they get in touch with their user base. Facebook (unfortunately) plays a significant role in my life. I was press-ganged by a...

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