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Game Guides for Non-Gamers: Shadow of the Colossus

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"Game Guides for Non-Gamers: Shadow of the Colossus"

Posted on Sunday 7th December, 2014

Shadow of the Colossus is the video game representation of the classic fantasy archetype – a hero fights and slays a huge monstrous beast. No guns in this one, then? No, you’re not playing as an assassin or a secret agent, you’re just some have-a-go-hero out to save a damsel. In this case, saving the damsel means having to find, fight and defeat sixteen huge behemoths. It’s David versus Goliath, except Goliath has brought all his mates along. I’ll be honest, this game’s probably in my top ten all-time greatest, if ever I made a list. What’s it really about then? There’s very little dialogue in this game, and what little dialogue gets spoken is actually in a nonsensical fictional language that’s subtitled. It lets actions do the talking, but it’s quite straightforward. A traveller on horseback goes a long distance to arrive at a huge tower via a long...

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The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog

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"The Mercenaries’ Tale – 3.05 The Tamed Dog"

Posted on Friday 26th September, 2014

The mercs undertook all the little tasks they knew were required when embarking on a job, the little everyday things that might not be possible for a while. They cleaned themselves, prepared their equipment and relaxed. Doug utilised his innate talent for materialising alcohol from out of nowhere to produce a four-pack of beers; he availed himself of two and graciously gave his comrades one each. Around three o’ clock, there was a knock on the door. It was one of the locals, a small man in robes, with a message for Blaise from Annie. They would all be at the monorail sometime that evening. Doug asked if ‘the Scouse’ would be joining them but the little man did not know, he only had the prepared message. The messenger lingered at the doorway, expecting a tip. Doug gave him half a tin of warm beer, which wasn’t completely unappreciated. As...

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Facebook Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Its Users

Latest Portfolio Article:
"Facebook Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Its Users"

Posted on Saturday 29th November, 2014

Facebook did a little thing this week which caused me some concern, as it showed that the people behind Facebook either don’t know or don’t care about how they get in touch with their user base. Facebook (unfortunately) plays a significant role in my life. I was press-ganged by a group of university friends to adopt the social networking site as a means of communication for university purposes as an alternative to email and, since then, I now use it as an invaluable tool to keep in contact with close friends and relatives (close or otherwise in the latter case). MSN Messenger used to be the big tool I used for talking to friends (and for me in some cases it gets dusted off and used via Skype) but there was a sudden big shift to Facebook as the service gained popularity. For me, I think one of the main...

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The Right Brothers

In a little British town, twin brothers Duke and Luke Right try to eke out a living while surviving the colourful and eclectic locals; there's the pair of local mad scientists who keep accidentally unleashing their experiments on the town, the big asylum up on the hill with the revolving door policy, the military camp that specialises in experimental weaponry and a whole menagerie of troublemakers - wannabe gangsters, other (more evil) mad scientists, cinema phantoms and salesmen, to name a few.

Follow the Right Brothers in this typically British comic, a whimsical series of tales in the style of Saturday morning cartoons and British comics like the Beano and Dandy.

Detulux Incorporated - A parody comic about arms dealing

It's not easy being an arms dealer. You've got policemen, secret agents and vigilantes to worry about, and those are just the good guys. Then you've got assassins, rival villains, mercenaries, mad scientists and even the odd environmental protester to consider. And that's not even mentioning the risks of your own hired help...

British criminal Mr. Pain just wants to deal some weapons. Is that so much to ask?

The Two Doctors - A comic about villainous mad scientists

Dr. Ralph Smiffington the Third is a megalomaniacal hunchback with an evil eye and a chip on his shoulder. Dr. Ivanovich Gregori Romani Gyrode is an ageing ex-KGB scientist with a sweet moustache and a passion for disco, along with a penchant for putting small animals into robots. Together, they make the diabolical duo known simply as "The Two Doctors".

Follow the dastardly duo as they cause mischief and havoc in the name of villainy in tournaments such as Steel Nation and the Inter-Dimensional Derby, and then in their own world tour.

Discworld Noir Playthrough

A.k.a "Let's Annotate Discworld Noir" - most people talk over the top of the game when they produce a Let's Play, but since DWN is all dialogue I just annotated the hell out of it instead using YouTube annotations.

Follow the Discworld's first (and possibly last) private investigator as he tries to solve a massive conspiracy that threatens the entire Disc in my Discworld Noir playthrough. Discworld is copyright © Sir Terry Pratchett.

Tales of Sin

Documenting the Great Salmanic Revolution of the future, the Tales of Sin are stories from the future. They crash-landed in my back garden inside a little box, and since then both myself and Sam Dyer have taken it upon ourselves to transcribe them.

These stories are free to read - find out more about the Tales of Sin here or read the most recently archived Tales of Sin here.

Labb Rat - A text-based adventure game

My university final year project, an old-school text-based adventure game.

You're a private investigator, and during the course of your investigation you become trapped. Can you escape the lair of the evil Dr. Labb?

Play Labb Rat

The Mercenaries' Tale

A work-in-progress science fiction adventure by myself and Sam Dyer, following the adventures of Doug McCracken, Blaise the gunslinger and Gratin the mage as they take on a job for Salmanic Inc, the biggest corporation on their planet. Little do they know that the job may very well prove to be their last...