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About the Two Doctors' Dimensional Temporal World Tour

2012. I had just finished putting together archives for the Two Doctors in Steel Nation and the Inter-Dimensional Derby. Following a massive burst of nostalgia, I gained the notion that the Docs needed a third chapter to complete their series of adventures as a trilogy. The question was, what?

I wasn't about to get into another OC tournament - I'd had fun in them before, but the competitive environment would mean that the Docs might not get the requisite epic adventure required for the "final chapter". I could host a tournament devised around a nefarious plan, but hosting and judging a tournament is a really big undertaking.

Instead, I repurposed an idea I'd always wanted to do. Rather than tell a competititve story, I'd work with others to tell a co-operative story. Each chapter would feature a new collaborator, and the chapters would tell a continuing story. The idea of a massive crossover was one I'd wanted to do in Detulux Inc., but that seemed increasingly unlikely and I could use the plot point that I would have used in the Detulux story: the internet will die in 48 hours.

I put the idea out on deviantART, and had several interested people reply back. The result of the collaboration is archived here!


Q. Why do you keep making these comics?

A. People seem to like them and it's a hobby I enjoy. That's pretty much the only motivation.

Q. Who the hell is that character there? The one with the [insert defining characteristic here]?

A. In each chapter I try to link to sources or explain a characters' backstory in the commentary under the comic page. Unlike the previous Two Doctors stories, there's a lot more focus on "guest" characters but you do occasionally get one or two characters who just make a one-off cameo. In these cases I do try to explain who they are! I've credited various characters to their creators where I could.

Q. Why is the title so bloody long?

A. Originally I was just going to call it the "Two Doctors' World Tour", but then I realised that if I'm doing crossovers with other people's characters that they'd probably be crossing over into "other dimensions" or visiting time periods in the past or future. Hence the "temporal" and "dimensional" bits of the title. It also matches the Docs nicely, as they tend to introduce themselves formally using all of their names in the most long-winded manner possible.

Q. Can I just dive in and read the story?

A. You can - it's a self-contained story with a beginning, middle and end. However, there are running gags and the occasional reference to previous adventures. This story takes place after Steel Nation and the Inter-Dimensional Derby (links above in the first paragraph) so to get full enjoyment I'd read those first!

Q. I can't believe SEGA hasn't sued you for stealing their character design for Dr. Gyrode by now.

Me too! He looks just like Knuckles. Joking aside, Gyrode is actually a mashup between Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Gero from Dragonball Z. Besides, the big moustache and round glasses look is a bit of a generic stereotype these days.