HTML Bookmark Sorter

To use the bookmark sorter, first export a HTML file of your bookmarks. To do this use the following guides, depending on your browser:

Once that is done, select the file from your computer by clicking the first button below, click the "SORT IT!" button and then you will either get a hideous error message in red font appear below or your browser will request to save a nice organised HTML file that you can then re-import into your browser (see guides linked to above for how to do that).

Please select a HTML bookmark file to sort, file size limit of 5MB:

Your bookmarks file will be deleted from the server immediately after processing as I have no interest in your bookmarks - if you are at all concerned about the privacy of your bookmarks, please do not use this application!

What Does the Sorter Do?

The bookmark sorter is not "intelligent" in any sense and it is prone to making mistakes due to the fact that it looks for key words in links and page titles (rather than analysing what each link goes to). However, it will attempt to sort your bookmarks into the following categories:

  • Social Media, Sharing and Communications: any sites where "conversation" takes place e.g. email clients (Outlook, Gmail), Facebook, Flickr, etc.
  • Recommended for Deletion: any bookmarks that are over two years old and have not been accessed in over two years, excluding any links that might be in the above category (e.g. that five-year old link to your Gmail account will not be put here).
  • Videos: any links on video sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) or which contain certain words that imply that they may contain a video.
  • Games: any sites or pages that contain key words for video games or for specific popular video game networks (e.g. The Escapist, IGN).
  • Shopping: any bookmarks for popular shopping networks (eBay, Amazon) or which contain certain words that imply that they are for some form of digital shop.
  • Webpages: this is basically the "miscellaneous" category - any bookmarks not filtered into the other categories go here! It will create subcategories for specific websites like Wikipedia, the BBC, TV Tropes, etc.

Why on Earth Would You Build This?

I am a self-confessed hoarder of bookmarks.

I was surprised to learn that there is not some sort of automated bookmark sorting tool on the web, so I built one. You can find out more about why I did this in this blog post, and how I made it in this blog post.

Sometimes I just get the urge to build small, silly web applications, such as the Silly French Accent Translator.