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I've drawn cartoons from the moment my tiny little pudge-paw could grasp a pencil. I have two comics that I spend my spare time on. One is a whimsical comic developed since childhood that I try to keep as child-like and silly as possible, and the other is an exploration of how to be a complete bastard. There's also a couple of collections of some competitive (and co-operative) storytelling I've undertaken featuring two mad scientists.

Give 'em a go, why don't you? Even if you don't like them, at least they're free!

Note: The comic pages are not optimised for mobile viewing - they are intended to be viewed on a larger screen! Also, some of the comics are not currently updated - those that are regularly updated are flagged as "actively updated", and those that are not have been marked as "on hiatus".

Actively Updated

The Two Doctors - Stories About a Pair of Villainous Mad Scientists

There's no science like mad science!

Dr. Ralph Smiffington the Third is a (failed) international supercriminal notorious around the world for (equally failed) acts of infamy. Dr. Gyrode is an ex-KGB scientist blacklisted by animal rights organisations worldwide for his work on "organic batteries" (a.k.a. putting cute animals into robots). Both are mad scientists, and together they are known simply as "The Two Doctors" (or "those bloody nuisances" or "oh god not those two again, hide the valuables!").

Although both are fairly independent, they occasionally team up to combine their scientific and villainous expertise. Where there's something to be stolen, good guys to defeat and authorities to embarrass, they'll be there; often piloting their latest, "greatest" invention!

Collected on this website are three stories featuring the Docs:

  • Steel Nation: The Rise of the Two Doctors - the Machine and Technology eXpo (MTX) is planning to showcase robots and mechs from around the world, with samples of the greatest mechanics from around the world competing in their robot fighting tournament. The officials weren't expecting Dr. Gyrode and Dr. Smiffington to enter with their sorry example of engineering, the "Deathbot"...
  • Inter-Dimensional Derby: The Return of the Two Doctors - an alien race known as "The Doonlup" hold intergalactic events where competitors from across time and space meet to race, all in the spirit of playful competitiveness. Unfortunately, due to an administrative cock-up, the wrong Dr. Ralph Smiffington III is asked to compete. He invites Dr. Gyrode to tag along and drive their vehicle, the D.D.A. (Doctors' Diabolical Automobile)...
  • The Two Doctors' Dimensional Temporal World Tour - Dr. Ralph Smiffington III builds a machine to travel across dimensions and time, intending to use it to take over the world. How? He has no idea. Dragging Dr. Gyrode along for the ride, the pair embark on their greatest adventure to travel through time and space to find the solution to world domination, pursued by a well-intentioned rival scientist and the Reality Police...

Recommended reading age: 14+ / Teen. Features graphic cartoon violence, strong language and occasional (cartoon) gore.

Original character tournaments are internet events where artists compete to provide the most interesting version of why their characters would defeat their opponent's characters. The Two Doctors have been involved with two tournaments and a large-scale collaborative story so far and have proved to be fairly popular characters amongst other tournament participants and readers. After collecting permission from all involved, the Docs' stories are collected here in their entirety, having originally been scattered across various accounts and galleries on DeviantArt.

Incorporating adventure, humour, buckets of mad science, moustache-twirling villainy and the occasional moment of drama, the Two Doctors stories are grand adventures only made possible by collaboration with other artists.

About The Two Doctors Read Steel Nation: Rise of the Two Doctors Read Inter-Dimensional Derby: Return of the Two Doctors Read The Two Doctors' Dimensional Temporal World Tour webcomic

The Two Doctors copyright © Sean Patrick Payne and Sam Dyer 2008-2017, Steel Nation copyright © Dire-Musaera, Inter-Dimensional Derby copyright © Craig Munro. All other characters and artwork have been credited where appropriate.

On Hiatus

The Right Brothers - A Comic About a Pair of Serial Job Finders

Life sure is boring for the Right Brothers.

Out-of-work twins and serial job finders, the Right Brothers don't have a lot of luck when it comes to finding things to do. Sure, there's a (fully licensed) mad scientist operating out of the old power terminal who keeps letting his "experiments" accidentally roam free. There's the mental institution up on the hill with all the security of a wet paper bag. There's the military base in the middle of town that regularly field-tests experimental weaponry.

That's all just the everyday occurrences, though. The brothers don't like having to save the town semi-regularly, but if they don't, who will?

The town is built on top of a huge deposit of Randomonia, the unstable stuff that surprises are made from. It's what caused the brothers to look the way they do, and the question remains: is there a dark secret tied to it and the town's founding?

Who cares? Let's put the kettle on and have some tea!

The Right Brothers is an original series in the vein of British comics like the Beano and Dandy, as well as Saturday morning cartoons.

Recommended reading age: Everyone. This comic is suitable for all ages and persons. Even your Granny could read it.

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The Right Brothers copyright © Sean Patrick Payne and Sam Dyer, 1999-2017. Art by Sam Dyer.

Detulux Incorporated - A Parody Comic About Arms Dealing

It's not easy being an arms dealer.

You've got policemen, secret agents and vigilantes to worry about, and those are just the good guys. Then you've got assassins, rival villains, mercenaries, mad scientists and even the odd environmental protester to consider, and that's not even mentioning the risks of your own hired help...

The Captain of your security force is thoroughly disinterested in everything. Your bodyguard keeps adopting large, ferocious "pets" that live in the woods out back. The accountant is (not so) secretly trying to steal all of your business.

There's paperwork to fill out. The henchmen have unionised and demand free dental care. Someone keeps leaving body armour and emergency medical kits lying around on the grounds of the base.

The infamous British criminal Mr. Pain just wants to deal some weapons. Is that so much to ask?

Recommended reading age: 14+ / Teen. Features graphic cartoon violence, strong language and sexual innuendo.

Detulux Incorporated follows the exploits of Mr. Pain and his band of eclectic and eccentric employees as they do business and avoid the long arm of the law. They often find themselves stumbling into someone else's adventure - adventures that might be somewhat familiar to film buffs and gamers.

A parody comic that mocks (and yet admires) all those adventure stories that we all covet, exploring just what being the lesser villain involves.

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Detulux Incorporated copyright © Sean Patrick Payne and Sam Dyer, 2005-2017.