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10 - Round 2 (vs. Toni McQueen), Part 2 - London's Drowning

10 - Round 2 (vs. Toni McQueen), Part 2 - London's Drowning

Round 2 (vs. Toni McQueen), Part 2 - London's Drowning



Sean's mistake number 3: coming up with the panel arrangement for this round. Since Sam struggled to get round 1 finished, I decided to map out the panels for this one beforehand and was trying to fit as much in as possible in such a little amount of page space. Unfortunately, I was a little zealous in cramming stuff in and the judges rightfully chastised our entry for being hard to follow and cluttered (one judge in particular remarked that requiring big red arrows to point at which panel comes next means that a page is terribly planned). I was surprised we went through, given all the criticisms.

The setting for this round was a "what if" of London being underwater following global warming. Since I wanted to really make the most of London being underwater, I tried to fit in as many cameos of London landmarks as possible. All this did was make the Sam's job more difficult as she would then actually have to draw and colour all of these places.

The things on the side of the D.D.A. are supposed to be Sonic the Hedgehog-style bumpers, albeit with a Soviet restyling as per Gyrode's preference. Gyrode himself is modelling a typical boat captain's hat in accordance with the setting.

If you didn't get the title reference, it's a nod to "London's Burning" (the children's song, not the UK television drama).



That second panel took forever to colour! It's also the best piece of art in the entire entry! Maybe the best in all of our entries! That's it, you can go home now!

I jest. Toni was fun to draw as she could be just as expressive as Ralph. Sadly, I didn't get to play with her face as the script always demanded she be drawn from behind. Such a shame. At least I got lots of practice at drawing detailed environments though. That's a plus.


  • Toni McQueen and Sammy the Bike copyright © ImABunny
  • Herbie and Pedro (the commentators) copyright © ketsuo.
  • Benyam Duramble, the Doonlup, Chairman Medula and the Garage copyright © Craig "CyrilTheWizard" Munro.