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16 - Round 4 (with Mister vs. the Yarghonauts and Henry), Part 1 - Out of Control

16 - Round 4 (with Mister vs. the Yarghonauts and Henry), Part 1 - Out of Control

Round 4 (with Mister vs. the Yarghonauts and Henry), Part 1 - Out of Control



Round 4 completely mixed things up. Rather than have two opponents go against each other, the remaining four participants (me and Sam counted as "1") were paired off into a team and were tasked with going againt the other two for the "relay race". There wasn't any formal requirement as to how the teams had to work together; for example, you could either produce an entry by yourself that links to your team mate's entry in some way, or you could bite your pride and collaborate. After contacting AshleyLange, it became apparent that working together would definitely work as we wanted one cohesive entry.

I'd have to trawl through MSN messages to work out who came up with what (ones that probably weren't backed up when my PC died the second before last time, now I think about it), but I'm fairly certain the foundation concept was mine - that the Docs devised some sort of mind-control device to abuse Mister's naivety and powers. I remember Ashley being the person who added one key missing ingredient from this idea - that the helmet doesn't work!

The setting was the Planet of the Merchants, which gave lots of opportunities for the characters to buy outlandish items and such. Gore and Vore (the impish twins in the dungarees) mimicking the Docs by trying to control their robot teammate Henry was probably something that came up during throwing ideas around, and I'd like to establish Sean mistake number 5: the treatment of PepperoniDeluxe's characters. The problem was that the guy had so many of them, and the scope of the pages was already massive so I rather toungue-in-cheekily suggested locking half of them in a lock-up for storage (to at least acknowledge their existence). He rightly called us out on this, as well as the horrible stereotyped "gangsta" dialogue I gave Gore and Vore because I completely misunderstood their characters. My bad!

Gyrode is sporting a rather fetching purple WW1-era German helmet, because why not?



So I was on colouring duty for this one. I find colouring comics tedious at the best of times (I'm really more of an illustrator than a cartoonist) and my depression hadn't lifted by this point so Ashley ended up taking over, because she's a lovely woman and - as mentioned before - I am terrible.