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12 - Beautiful Dystpoia

12 - Beautiful Dystpoia

Beautiful Dystpoia

The third in the "hotel hallway" trilogy by Degulus (at least, that's what I call it). This page doesn't feature the Docs, but it does feature Mr. Caster, another sinister villain. In terms of villainy, he's the more traditional James Bond type villain, except that instead of death traps he just has the hero shot for trespassing. And then sues the hero's organisation for infringement of privacy. And then buys the country the hero came from so he can replace the government with his own lackeys. Or something.

Steel Nation was abundant in villains, which I thought was marvellous. There's nothing more I like to see than a whole bunch of conniving, sinister types trying to outdo each other, which is why I liked the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, presumably (other than the fact that pirates are waaaaay cooler than ninjas).

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