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33 - Shatter


And now we're into interactive Adobe Flash comics! If you don't have Flash (and how could you not in this modern era?) you can download Flash player here.

At this point in the story Degulus realised that working in the medium of 3D modelling meant that he could work outside the boundaries of a comic "page"...lucky sod.

Oooh, look how insidious Santris is! He's so despicable that I actually came to like Grenner by comparison, which is quite an achievement.

Greg is a poor oblivious soul, and this injection marks a turning point in his character - he's since gone on to gain cult acclaim in the deviantART OC Tournament ring and the character himself has underwent some changes, particularly in the muscle department. To me though, he'll always be that geeky, lanky goof that tries to do good.

You can view the original version (and comment on it if you have a deviantART account) here.

  • Dr. Grenner/Monster King Grenner, Dr. Santris, Coin, Bael Zebul, Beta, Tremor, Biode, the "Shattered" and Advent Earth-Crush copyright © Degulus.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV and Gigil MkIII copyright © Tenkyougan. Advent Earth-Crush was also designed by Tenk!