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35 - Ephiphany

35 - Ephiphany


Inevitably, once the Docs became more embroiled in the Biode plot, there would have to be some of that dreaded stuff known as...drama. It's not that I dislike drama, but there are limits to what you can do - especially in my case where most of my characters have one-track minds and are generally of the "bad" persuasion.

Gyrode, from the outset, obviously has more depth to his personality than Ralph. Ralph can be summed up in about five words - bitter, malicious, vengeful, scheming bastard. That's it, he exists to be evil. Gyrode, on the other hand, has genuinely noble intentions behind most of his actions, using his "evil" reputation as a shield or a means of achieving his ends. This is why his epiphany is introspective.

I did Russian Propaganda posters as part of my A Level art course. This had a small effect on the positions Gyrode adopts during his outburst. Not that anyone would have noticed otherwise! Incidentally, Gyrode's frame of evil malevolence can also be viewed here, if evil cackling Dr. Robotnik lookalikes are your bag.

Mr. Wulg was one of the odd characters that entered Steel Nation - his mech, Pamela MMMII (which was controlled by an intuitive toilet-based cockpit. Yes, you read right) was one of the first casualties, going out in round 1. I wanted to bring him back as a random addition to the mix. Wulg's creator quronocci also did a Steel Nation poster that homages Neon Genesis Evangelion and features "Gyrode the Sexy". Creepy and hilarious!

Finally, Deathbot 2.0 is the design I probably should have entered into Steel Nation. Again, the rushed design of Deathbot 1.0 reflected how much time I imagined the Docs spent on it. Gyrode also gets some new duds...SH*T JUST GOT REAL!

  • Clyde Dore and the USB2000 copyright © Serain.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV copyright © Tenkyougan.
  • Dr. Santris copyright © Degulus.
  • Mr. Wulg copyright © Quronocci.