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49 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 4)

49 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 4)

Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 4)

The Docs also played a part in the losing entry for the final round. I present here an edited version of the page on the grounds that, with the actual round 5 fight itself removed, these panels still work as canon. The full, uncut version of this page can be seen here on deviantART.

I'll try and attempt to explain some of what's going on here:

  • The Bio-BIAs storm the MTX center, having been taken over by Santris and his cronies.
  • Officer Ramirez and his mech turn up to give backup.
  • A whole squadron of Russians turns up and elects Gyrode their temporary commander.
  • Literally everyone joins the melee!
  • Gyrode beats Greg (again), this time off-screen.
  • Natasha Chevka from Kitfox-Crimson's comic series randomly appears with air support.
  • The fish monster at the end is the fish from this page. That's how much of a stickler for detail DRa90NBoi is.
  • A few closing words are made by the MTX's mysterious founder.

P.S. I've always felt slightly guilty over the fact that if I hadn't fed DRa90N so much story, his entry wouldn't have had so much to cram in and he might've won.