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5 - Scoping the Competition

5 - Scoping the Competition

Scoping the Competition

In OC tournaments, everything is very much story-led. Having a strong plot in the rounds is one thing, but with a limited time in which to create the rounds sometimes you need a little breathing room. Or maybe you just want to comment/interact with one or two of the other competitors. Or maybe you didn't even get into the tournament but you'd like to participate somehow.

That's where "spectator entries" come in! These are pages you do between rounds to build up to a round, or to act as an epilogue to a round, or simply for kicks.

This page was simply for kicks. The tournament had 4 divisions - red, green, black and white (I always thought that maybe it was designed around the Partyman theme from Tim Burton's Batman but apparently it's a karma/feng shui thing) and the Docs were in black division. I'd argue that black division had a collection of the best tournament competitors, but then I am biased!

This was just an opportunity to comment on all the competitors at the beginning of the tournament, and set up some foreshadowing that I didn't even know was foreshadowing until much later. This is why it is unshaded - I had a round 1 entry that I would have to start on soon and so I wanted to get this out quickly.

P.S. I didn't intentionally put a black guy on guard outside "Black Division", it was an honest coincidence that I didn't realise until someone pointed it out to me!

  • Ref Gregory (little tin robot thing) copyright © Electromancer.
  • MIRA mech designed by DarknessSealed.
  • Steffi (pink-haired girl) and her Kiwibot copyright © ShikakuSuika.
  • Jay (white-haired boy) and ATCEV II (spherical mech) copyright © Asgar19.
  • Officer Ramirez and the B-bot ("ghetto" mech) copyright © DRa90NBoi.
  • Tejon (porcu-mech) copyright © Toresky.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV (the familiar chap) copyright © Tenkyougan.
  • Sinister Bald Man and Tarasque copyright © ShipMaster (still don't know what that bald guy's name was).
  • Clyde Dore (guy who appears briefly in the background) copyright © Serain.