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14 - Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 2 - Let's Do the Time Warp

14 - Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 2 - Let's Do the Time Warp

Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 2 - Let's Do the Time Warp



Although the round description said that the power to stop time should help in creating some really awesome stunts, I couldn't see how that power could help at all. At best, it meant that the racers could freeze in mid-air? I instead went for the idea that the MC would stop time and take advantage in screwing with the racers before restarting time again. A bit like Bernard's Watch or that bit from the end of the first Lara Croft movie (hurrah for obscure references!). I'm not sure if this actually comes across in the strip though, it would've helped to show him moving people around but we (ironically) didn't have time to show that.

Of course the engine room is full of massive pistons shaped like hammers. Obvious, really.



Can you spot the hidden Detulux advert hidden on the page?

Depression hit me halfway through this round, hence the sudden style change (edit: That was fun, coming up with an in-story explanation for the sudden shift! -- Sean). Plagued with self-doubt, I struggled to motivate myself to work on the round and ended up doing all the pencil work in the span of a single night. My low self-confidence stuck with me for the rest of the tournament, and the fact that our opponent never handed in an entry for this round certainly didn't help as they were a far superior artist that should have trounced me. Not being able to prove myself worthy of progressing was disappointing, the setup for the next round not really helping any...

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