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13 - Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 1 - Hammer Spacetime Continuum

13 - Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 1 - Hammer Spacetime Continuum

Round 3 (vs. MothGirl and Fafnir), Part 1 - Hammer Spacetime Continuum



Following the car crash of panel arranging that was our second round and the close call the judges made, I handed back all artist rights to Sam. Sam also went through some minor doubts about her abilities as a cartoonist so I went to the lengths of getting tips from various people I'd met in the IDD and Steel Nation (you know who you are, and thanks again!).

This round was difficult to write, as the arena background was a little too detailed to be able to fit everything in. Here's the description that we were given:

Dimension 1990 - The space station "Hammer": The show takes place on a spooky semi-abandoned space station. The survivors of the station are now trying to avoid an on-board entity known as 'The MC', which seems to have the ability to stop time. All the better to take advantage of in order to pull off stunts.

So we had a sci-fi horror theme riffing on a joke about MC Hammer. It was bloody fun to write, but at the same time really difficult to balance the sci-fi horror, the MC Hammer jokes, the actual stunt driving and the time-stopping element. I remember loving the idea but at the same time loathing PepperoniDeluxe for suggesting the round description as it meant more work for me! (Love you really, man)

Wildragon's MothGirl and her noble steed Fafnir were great to write for, as it meant coming up with stunts that were more physical when compared to the Docs' clumsy, clunky attempts to manoeuvre the lump that is the DeathCar.



So my main influence for the station's inhabitants and logo were Star Trek. I'm a Trek girl, although as I quite enjoyed Voyager, any hardcore Trekkies will say that I don't count as a proper fan as Voyager sucks but there you go. Voyager was my introduction into the Trek universe and I used to watch it every week with my Dad. Catherine Janeway and B'elanna were some of my role models growing up and considering my role models up to then had consisted of a talking chipmunk and various cat-women, I'm rather glad Voyager existed (although I did eventually discover Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG1 so I guess furry-ness would still have been averted?)

The likes of Janeway, Samantha Carter and Shego (from Kim Possible) also influenced the way I write female characters, so there's that.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, Picard beats the Emperor and Spock laughs in the face of Obi-Wan. The end.