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18 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 1 - The Wrong Sort of Power

18 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 1 - The Wrong Sort of Power

Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 1 - The Wrong Sort of Power



The final round - first decision we made was to throw finesse out the window, this round would be substance over style. No colours, no inking, just pure raw storytelling.

The second thing I did was remove the huge advantage the Docs had gained in the last round by having it backfire...and then have Ralph throw it in the lake, be done with it! That's the boring deus ex machina out of the picture.

The third thing was to make some reparations to some of the other IDD participants. You know most of PepperoniDeluxe's characters were locked up last round? Let's let them out! Gore and Vore were badly hurt? Not so much! And they want to comment on how badly they were portrayed last round because breaking the fourth wall is something they do.

Finally, I decided to do what I had wanted to in the previous round: references! Fair play to Ashley, in round 4 she didn't want to do that sort of thing and I was happy to compromise. However, I couldn't let the Docs leave the Planet of the Merchants without meeting The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 (who incidentally has a problem with constantly opening his coat) and that guy from Aladdin, er..., I mean a guy who looks like the guy from Aladdin! I have to say that as Disney are apparently quite lawsuit-happy.



By this point in time I had worked out how to draw Gyrode. It actually happened when we were against Mothgirl, but I'll talk about it here. I wish it had been a dramatic epiphany where once I worked out I had to give him a square jaw, I lifted the page skywards and proclaimed at the top of my lungs "That's how you draw a Russian scientist!" but sadly that didn't happen. What actually happened is, I gave him a square jaw, his features arranged themselves neatly on his face and I went "huh, looks like Gyrode," and continued with whatever I was doing.

Due to poetic licence, however, I'll choose to remember it the more dramatic way, preferably with the scene situated on top of a cliff during a thunder storm with Sean cowering behind me under an umbrella telling me to stop arseing about and get inside before I get us killed via lightning bolts...because, aside from being terrible, I'm also wacky. In the head.

Misc: Gore, Vore and really all of Pep's characters were fun to draw and my Mother may actually be terrified of Ralph. Next Page!