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19 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 2 - Alliances Made...

19 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 2 - Alliances Made...

Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 2 - Alliances Made...



The IDD had racked up quite a few casualties by this point, mostly (if not all) caused by Mister. In round 3 Mister's Dad Cyan copped it as well as Mister's opponent Roswell, and then in round 4 there was Mona. Sho was technically a casualty as well due to Gore and Vore causing him to become sexually confused with his reflection (long story - I'd share a link but unfortunately it's not online anymore).

Crow actually went out in round 2 by default, but was still one of the more popular characters (particularly as the artist had participated in the ever-popular Endzone and the Colosseum). Crow teetered on the cusp of gonzo journalism, so who better to piece together the inevitable conspiracy every tournament needs to have going on behind the scenes?

I can't remember why Herbie and Pedro are locked in Mr. Sexy's room. I swear there was a scene where we saw him do that to them but I can't find it anywhere, so perhaps I imagined it. Either way, Mr. Sexy kept muscling in on the commentary gig for every round featuring Mister (not creepy at all) so perhaps I just made the assumption that he'd "disposed" of them.

Since Mister didn't have anyone left to root for him, I had Henry turn up with her tagalongs instead (Charlie and Rui, respectively). Because teamwork!



I don't think there was a single character in this I didn't find entertaining to draw. Crow was especially fun as she was a similar character to Spider Jerusalem so she was a treat. It's a shame we never actually got paired against her. She actually beat Mister in the 1st round, but there was a double forfeit at one point so Mister was brought back to fill the slot. It gave me a headache trying to work out the continuity for this round but I'll explain that in a bit.

Henry was one of my favourites in this competition, so after we had to kill her, I turned to Sean and said "we can rebuild her". Actually, that's a lie, there was no Six Million Dollar Man reference. I just sheepishly asked if we could bring her back, to which he agreed. Then Citrus got in contact and asked if we could save Henry, to which I got to inform her that we were way ahead of her. And then I learnt that I'm crap at telling anecdotes so I'll be really surprised if anyone's reading my ramblings and actually enjoying them. Moving on!