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2 - The Two Doctors Reference

2 - The Two Doctors Reference

The Two Doctors Reference



Like the last page, I apologise for the white text on that background - if I could be bothered (or if I still had the original construction file) I would probably re-do this page and the text, especially as all the paragraphs randomly change font size. There's also a little bit of image distortion where I've resized the characters from seperate images (which is why they looked stretched, and possibly why Ralph's head is twice as big as Gyrode's!).

A lot of the text was pinched from Steel Nation's reference page (because I'm lazy), but there are some extra details in there. Gyrode's bio in particular grew following his character development during Steel Nation. In my mind the Inter-Dimensional Derby takes place several years after Steel Nation, or at least it does for the Docs (the IDD takes place on a space station populated by creatures that have access to time and space infinite). They're a little bit older, but not much wiser!

As for the Docs' outfits, there are several influences. Dick Dastardly and Muttley obviously provided major inspiration (Ralph is pretty much dressed as Dick Dastardly from Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines) and Gyrode is wearing something amalgamated from Dr. Gero of Dragonball Z, the Joker (from Batman, obviously) and Dick Dastardly (again). I can't remember why that was the combination we used, but I do remember insisting that he had coat tails and spats. Classy!



Now I did actually design the outfits here. Or Gyrode's anyway; I think Sean may have insisted on coming up with Ralph's design. Sean's made a mistake in describing Gyrode's outfit, however, as the Joker never once crossed my mind while I was thinking of it. I actually based it on Dr Gero & Dr. Robotnik Eggman's styles with Dick Dastardly's colour scheme. Easy mistake to make considering some of the projects we've worked on together (ones that incidentally won't turn up on this site for a few more years at the rate we work at).

I like Gyrode's clothes in this but can't help but think of myself of a hack considering how much I've lifted from the other two Docs. And now you know my terrible secret (it's that I'm terrible).