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2 - The Two Doctors Reference

2 - The Two Doctors Reference

The Two Doctors Reference

The two doctors have been in my repertoire of characters for quite a while now. Ralph started out as a one-off villain in one of my earlier attempts at drawing comics (comics that will never see the light of the internet, thank the gods), but being so distinctive I kept him around and actually developed him. He's now one of my favourite characters.

Gyrode was (almost) defined by Steel Nation. Obviously he's heavily inspired by one of the greatest videogame villains of all-time, and I had always wanted to do an extended parody of that type of villain. Gyrode started out as "Dr. Garodnik" (very subtle naming, I know), and then he became "Dr. Garode", and then when Steel Nation arrived I finally decided on his name - Dr. Gyrode. I entered him because I didn't know anything about what kind of character he would be, and by the end of Steel Nation he was possibly one of the most complex characters I've ever written.

I entered Steel Nation for Gyrode, really. I paired him up with Ralph because he needed someone I could rely on, and I already had a fairly complex understanding of Ralph's character.

Both characters have absurdly long names because villains need to have extravagant titles for when they introduce themselves: FACT.