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4 - Audition II - An Administrative Error of Epic Proportions

4 - Audition II - An Administrative Error of Epic Proportions

Audition II - An Administrative Error of Epic Proportions



If the Docs are working on something, they'll always unveil it with a big curtain that parts by pulling on a rope. Even if there's nobody else to see them do it!

I'd like to take the credit for the twist in this audition, but alas the idea was entirely Sam's. We had both always toyed with the idea of what Ralph might be like in an alternate universe (i.e. made of awesome), but it was her idea to use alternate Ralph in this story. I'm glad we did!

The Doonlup were the main non-player characters in the IDD (obviously a play on "Dunlop"). I think the idea was that we could create whatever Doonlup we wanted, but when I saw the posh suited one I knew we had to get him involved somehow!



The astute among you may be looking at that panel full of space critters and be wondering "what's the dealio with the napping guy and the zombie fella?" Because that's how people talk in my head, apparently.

They are two of this tournament's NPCs, each representing one of the competition's judges. Dr. Bungalow was Craig's character and Chief Medic of the Derby and Barry Cogsworth belonged to Nerinokukai. Barry was the Derby's Art Director. I like to think that he did all the work on the posters and that little arty Doonlup cheekily stole all the credit whilst he was having his power nap. I mostly think that as I'm positive Sean forgot Barry existed when he scripted that scene.

Speaking of Doonlup, everyone who had the pleasure of drawing one said that they were the surprisingly fun to draw, myself included. Props to Craig for the design.