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5 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 1 - Pre-race Shenanigans!

5 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 1 - Pre-race Shenanigans!

Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 1 - Pre-race Shenanigans!



For anyone who got the subtle homage to The Tick in the first panel, kudos to you!

The IDD had more stringent deadlines than Steel Nation; I'd have originally scripted this page to be a spectator entry, but instead we just went for a prolonged pre-race build-up. Besides, it's very much in the vein of classic race films.

The reaction of the Docs was very much my own - how exactly do you sabotage something as small as a skateboard? It seems like the Docs have far more of an advantage by virtue of having a car with an engine, let alone all the other gubbins tied to their vehicle! This was a difficult one to script in terms of keeping the race balanced, I had to come up with lots of reasons why the Docs would struggle against a skateboard.

The one panel in the middle where Medula is greeting guests was partly to infer that the Chairman's up to something, but it mainly an excuse to give a shout-out to other OC tournaments and characters. There's Dr. Alba Bird of Dire-Musaera's Steel Nation, Mr. Seles (as popularised in Endling's Endzone tournament), Tyrone Fossil of the Colosseum guy in a white coat and trousers (OR IS IT?!? Yes, it's definitely some guy in a white coat and trousers).

I didn't name the posh Doonlup, but AnimeGal007 did in her audition. It's a pretty good name, I thought: it's got "ramble" in it, which is what posh old gits do.

I'd decided that Gyrode's gimmick for the tournament would be to have a new hat each round. For this round (being a straight-up race) he's pinched Dick Dastardly's racing cap.

Hikarino accidentally called the kid "Maxine" in her opening pages (which aren't online anymore) instead of "Maximillian". I really shouldn't have picked on the mistake as much as I did, but it's still funny.

Nobody got the reference with the Doonlup in the smoking jacket.



The IDD has its own space station called "the Garage" that floats in the void between dimensions. Pretty much all the other entries I read by other artists depicted the Garage as being a station on a planet instead. Sadly, my depiction wasn't spot on either as I've put it in regular space instead of "void" space...oops!

I wanted the corridors to be roads lined with garage doors, but I failed there as well. Those corridors are barely big enough for one vehicle, let alone a proper road system. The only bit I really succeeded with in those first panels was throwing in all the cameos of the other racers. It's actually only four racers and the third judge NPC but it's better than nothing.

I like the Doonlup lounge so there's that. Also Craig's other character and the Head (edit: Fnarr fnarr! I see what they did there! -- Sean) of the Derby, Chairman Medula. Now there was a guy that was interesting to draw...