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7 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 3 - My Fists Will Go On

7 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 3 - My Fists Will Go On

Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 3 - My Fists Will Go On



It was genuinely difficult to try and work out how to keep giving the skateboard the upper hand over the car. Fun, though! The environment helped - a dome where gravity changes constantly opened up lots of opportunities. It would have to be a lot easier to move around in differing gravity using your body, rather than trying to steer a big hunk of metal.

According to the original reference sheet for Jeni (which unfortunately isn't available online anymore), Jeni didn't know what's in her backpack. I took the liberty to fill it with something that's a naive, cute gesture that doubles as a weapon!

I'm sure Sam will blame me for the mildly confusing spiral panels for the fight scene. I deny everything!

What I said about "pop songs for titles", I'm not sure "My Heart Will Go On" counts as a pop song, does it?



Round 1: in which Ralph wishes he could find an associate with a longer attention span and a young girl leaps at some balls.

...Still got nothing.


  • Jeni, Maxine, George and Jeni's skateboard copyright © Hikarino
  • Herbie and Pedro (the commentators) copyright © ketsuo.