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6 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 2 - Float Me Baby One More Time

6 - Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 2 - Float Me Baby One More Time

Round 1 (vs. Jeni), Part 2 - Float Me Baby One More Time



I feel a little bit guilty about this first round. There's an established method in OC tournaments where you undermine the opposing character by taking the Mickey out of what the character represents. ConcentrationMoon is a master of this - looking at a character and breaking it down with snark and snide comments. I basically went in doing the same thing here with the script: I don't really "do" animé (Lupin III being a rare exception because it's closer to Scooby Doo than anything) so I wanted to play on the typical "kawaii anime girl". Hence the Docs' snide remarks and the scene in this page where Jeni is against a pink sparkly background giving the peace sign only for Ralph to give the reverse. At the same time, I think the Docs' mean streak makes Jeni the more likeable character in this. Either way, no real hatred was harboured and Hikarino has some amazing talent!

Sean's mistake number 2: Pedro's damn near illegible speech font. My bad.

This round has pop music titles as a theme. Because Jeni's a pop singer. Gettit?



Sean says he feels guilty for taking the Mickey but I don't think he needs to. He didn't do anything hurtful and his one example - the exchange of finger signs - was actually my idea as far as I recall. As far as parody entries go, this is actually quite tame.

As for the race arena, I have no idea what I was thinking. We've got random platforms being held up by gravity generators, random pieces of dark matter floating around...I've got nothing. All I know is that it seemed like a good idea at the time.


  • Jeni, Maxine, George and Jeni's skateboard copyright © Hikarino
  • Benyam Duramble, the Doonlup, Chairman Medula and the Garage copyright © Craig "CyrilTheWizard" Munro.
  • Herbie and Pedro (the commentators) copyright © ketsuo.
  • Barry Cogsworth copyright NerinokuKai.