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1 - Deathbot 1.0 Reference

1 - Deathbot 1.0 Reference

Deathbot 1.0 Reference

When you enter an online character tournament, you've got to win your place. This means that you provide a reference sheet for your character(s) (and/or vehicle, depending on the tournament) and an audition page showing how and why your characters have entered the tournament.

Steel Nation is a mech tournament. This wholly disinterested me at first, I wasn't going to enter at all. Suddenly, the weekend before the audition deadline, I realised that I had two characters who would fit very nicely into the tournament, and so I hammered out the ref sheets you see here and the audition page with about half a day to spare.

Frankly, had it not been for the lack of other competitors entering (Dire had been looking for 32 competitors, and they didn't exactly flood in from what I remember) I suspect that I would not have made it into the final selection. I'm glad I did!

The Deathbot is a homage to all the mecha that you'd fight as boss characters at the end of levels in 16-bit platforming games. Given that I figured the Docs, being the careless people they are, would have spent about five minutes on designing the mech, that's what I did - I spent literally five minutes on this design. I wanted to enter a shabby, worthless mech to make the rounds far more taxing and so that I would have to creatively dispatch my opponents. Giving your characters the disadvantage is now something I always do in OC tournaments, as it makes you think a lot harder about the story.

P.S. My PC is actually called the "Ultimate Electronic Abominator"!