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14 - Deathbot 1.2 Reference

14 - Deathbot 1.2 Reference

Deathbot 1.2 Reference

The reference sheet for the modified Deathbot. The mods were heavily influenced by Tenkyougan's Gigil Mk. III, to reflect Greg's influence into allying with the Docs.

I drew this up quickly for my second round opponent to refer to when creating their entry.

Gregorovich Tjernikov XV and Gigil Mk. III copyright © Tenkyougan.

P.S. I know that the development numbering system really doesn't work like how I did it. I called it "1.2" because of the two mods and because it simply sounds better than "1.1". Besides, the Docs probably don't care much for labelling their mech accurately (or anything, for that matter).