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15 - Violent Girls

15 - Violent Girls

Violent Girls

The second spectator entry by Asgar19 to feature Ralph doing what he does. In fact, this scene will crop up again in a few pages, as I liked this page so much that I just had to reference it. Asgar19, as far as I understand, is quite the fan of Ralph. I'm awfully flattered.

In case you didn't realise, the girl with the pink hair (ShikakuSuika's Steffi Frohlich) lost to Asgar19's Jay. If you're interested in all this backstory, you can see Asgar19's round 1 and compare it to ShikakuSuika's round 1 and decide for yourself which is the better entry. *coughAsgar19'scoughcough*

The Docs did receive one last cameo before round 2, and I would have loved to feature it here in full-page glory, but alas it is not a very complete piece and thus I will not be uploading it here. However, I urge you to read it here - it features the Docs (and Greg) explaining to a hired singer about the tensions amongst the Steel Nation pilots, including *GASP* murder! (DUN DUN DUNN!) I mention it here as it has one of the most delightful renditions of Ralph I've ever seen, as he looks a lot like the Penguin from the Batman Animated Series! It's truly a shame that the artist decided not to continue with their spectator entry storyline, I would have liked to have seen more (Meika, the artist, actually was a contestant until they lost in round fact their pilot was killed rather dramatically. Read it here if you wish).

You can view (and comment if you have a deviantART account) the original version of this page here.