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17 - Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 1)

17 - Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 1)

Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 1)

It's round 2, I'm pitted against the incredibly talented Serain and her young mechanic Clyde Dore and his walking fortress of doom. I could have went so many directions with this round, but after researching her gallery for as much reference material as I could absorb, I discovered a little-known fact about Clyde: he wants to be a supervillain.

I was incredibly lucky in these first two rounds - in the first I was given an eccentric Russian to play Dr. Gyrode off of, and this round practically wrote itself with the whole Ralph vs. Clyde mechanic.

If you're wondering who the girl with the metamorphic hair is in Clyde's daydreams, there was one sketch in Serain's gallery of Clyde vying for her affections (her name's Marla. I'm fairly certain that she appeared in another infamous OC tournament but let's not discuss that here). Unfortunately the link to that picture is now dead.

I also managed to fit in one of my favourite James Bond quotes into this page, so not too bad a start!

Clyde Dore and the UltraSuperBot2000 copyright © Serain.