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18 - Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 2)

18 - Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 2)

Round 2 - The Lesser of Three Evils (Part 2)

I was really pleased with this page!

Considering the audition page for the UltraSuperBot2000 (Clyde's mech), once I saw the incredibly huge industrial-sized coffee machine, I already knew that the way I'd beat Clyde would be to poison his coffee. It was actually before any of the round 1 match-ups when this realisation came to me, because I'm the kind of git who spends time looking at people's characters in OC tournaments and pondering how I would defeat them myself. The added detail of only having one toilet on the mech was just the icing on the cake (and was actually something Serain mentioned in one of the ref sheet descriptions). Part of me still wonders if that was a detail egging on the idea of putting laxatives in the coffee.

Mr. Renaldo was one of the delightful eccentrics who entered Steel Nation. I haven't actually got the permission from Mooglepinoy22 to upload this page (since it features their character), but I am hoping that even if I could get in contact with them that they would agree to let me put this page on display here. Especially since Mr. Renaldo was such an oddball and fan favourite of SN.

Talking of popularity, the "Stalin Compels You" coffee mug sparked a mini-fad of sorts, and even received requests that I make the mug available online to buy. If ever I get around to trying my hand at setting up an e-commerce type online shop, the Stalin mug will be one of the first things I put up for purchase. Until then, feel free to help yourself to a better version of the graphic from here under the Misc section (as well as a better view of the "For Dummies" book) for whatever purposes you see fit. Apart from stealing the graphic and selling your own mugs, of course. Not only would that anger me, but I'm sure the ghost of Stalin would be pretty naffed off too.

By the way, Clyde's remark about having a toilet in the cockpit was actually a reference to another mech in the tournament that I'm pretty sure no one got.

And here is the link to the opposing entry to this round. It's hilarious, please do read it!

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