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23 - Renaldo After

23 - Renaldo After

Renaldo After

Mr. Renaldo was one of the other eccentrics in Steel Nation, popular for his wacky hijinks and the fact that his "mech" consisted of a corrugated tin box on wheels with a catapault strapped to it and his sidekick was a goat. I thought the Docs were wacky with an underdog mech, but Renaldo took the prize for "most left field character of tournament".

Renaldo sadly went out in round 2, despite Moog's entry featuring the genius "Irony Engine". This spectator page was his last Steel Nation entry following the loss, and the Docs inevitably had to have their revenge.

Curiously, a few months after Steel Nation and another OC tournament called "The Colosseum" (which I tried to enter with my other half, unsuccessfully) Mooglepinoy disappeared off the face of the internet following one last deviantART journal saying that they were going to pursue a new username. I tried contacting them through several sites to get permission to put this up, but no luck. Either way, they know where to find me if they want me to take this down.

It's a shame, they never did get to see the Docs' revenge!

You can view (and comment if you have a deviantART account) the original version of this page here.

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