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24 - Steel Nation Doctors

24 - Steel Nation Doctors

Steel Nation Doctors

It's amazing how accurately written this page is. This, to my mind, is the exact kind of banter the Docs exchange while completely failing to come up with insidious evil plans when presented with hugely exploitable opportunities.

Kitfox-Crimson was one of the stellar talents of Steel Nation, and so it's unsurprising that he went really far in the tournament (as in REALLY far, as far as you can go, *hint hint*). He was one of the only genuine mech enthusiasts in the tournament as well, his comics loaded with references to animé and video games that almost sailed clearly over my head. His comics were witty, his art excellent, his colouring vibrant. So yes, I'm jealous of his talents.

Unsurprisingly, Kitfox also has his own webcomic series that is not only far better developed than much of my own efforts, but also updates more regularly too (in colour! With shading! How the hell does he find the time to do it?!). You can find his comic at the links below, but be warned of the occasional mature content. If you're really against furries, do try and look beyond the fact that the characters are anthropomorphic critters and you can find an excellently dramatic story underneath.

Also, you can see the original version of this page (and comment on it if you have a deviantART account) here.

P.S. There's quite a few episodes in this archive that are titled variations of "The Two Doctors" because I'm retaining the original titles as they're posted!