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25 - Evilnoons and Coffeespoons

25 - Evilnoons and Coffeespoons

Evilnoons and Coffeespoons

Aaaaaaaaand back to pages drawn by me.

What with all the plot seemingly dragging my two dastardly villains into itself, I felt obliged to get the Docs to at least acknowledge their role slap-bang in the middle of something they couldn't possibly grasp. It also gave a chance to throw out a few cameos.

I don't like this page. A long strip of dialogue does not a comic make. Half of the dialogue I had planned is missing, too, since I buggered up on the number of speech bubbles I needed. The drawings are also hastily rushed as I had round 3 looming on the horizon. Oh, and Seminoid's shoulders are all wrong too (they're supposed to be lumpier on account of being spikes bent under cloth).

P.S. This page was named after a pretty damn good song.