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27 - Commission

27 - Commission


Degulus went out in round 3 too. This left two sets of villains out of the tournament and both of us looking to keep them in. As Degulus said at the time, "so begins the battle of wits between the four doctors".

Even if I had made it to round 4, I had already agreed beforehand with Tenkyougan and Degulus that I'd be losing Greg from my "evil alliance". So Greg wouldn't be along for the Docs' ride, but on the plus side there was now a heated rivalry and the Docs now had some new mech parts to play with!

This is also the first appearance in Steel Nation (the ending of Degulus' losing round 3 aside) of the malevolent Dr. Santris, Degulus' utterly despicable magnificent bastard (compared to the Docs, who are harmless villains...mostly). I absolutely cannot stand Dr. Santris, since he is the epitome of the untouchable, smug, "better-than-you", know-it-all, been-there-done-that, "I planned this all along despite the fact you just blew up my moon base" breed of villains. This isn't a bad thing, I applaud Degulus wholeheartedly for creating such an unlikeable character. Santris really is the bastard child of Sephiroth and Liquid Snake. And I still reckon Gyrode could take him one-on-one!

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  • Dr. Grenner, Dr. Santris and the Draigo MkII copyright © Degulus.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV copyright © Tenkyougan.