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28 - Caster Decides

28 - Caster Decides

Caster Decides

We follow Grenner and Santris for a bit now - it's a tad unavoidable unless I want to spend time linking to all these pages, which I don't (I'd rather upload and comment on them instead). Besides, I think this is a fantastic page.

Caster's gimmick was that he's so rich that he's already bought the allegiances of all the world's power-players and owns all the top enterprises in the world, meaning that he's already practically conquered the world the way no James Bond villain ever thought to. I always wrote the Docs as treating Caster as being a bit delusional, since they only consider "conquering the world" to involve thrones and mind-controlling crowns of power and robot armies (as do I).

However, I think the tension in this scene is marvellous. Also, I had admittedly been worrying that Caster's reply would be "yes", meaning that the Docs would end up against not only Santris Industries, but Caster's empire of wealth too, together in some sort of unholy alliance.

For those keeping tabs, this now means that it's Caster and the Docs vs. Santris Industries. Is the enemy of their enemy also their enemy? You'll have to wait and find out! And don't forget, all the while there's a tournament going on at the same time.

Thanks to Balrogon for letting me put this up. You can see (and comment if you have a DeviantArt account) the original version of this page here.

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