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30 - Fugitives

30 - Fugitives


I've been rather avoiding the other half of Degulus' storyline. You see, he didn't enter Grenner and Santris into Steel Nation - they were just characters working behind the scenes. The characters he actually entered were two robots who had escaped from Santris Industries: Tremor and his "brother", Siege.

Unfortunately, these two robots did not really get any contact with the Docs (they were in a completely different division for the rounds). This means that I'm showing rather selective cuts here from Degulus' plot, which was basically the main plot of SN come the end, too. I heartily recommend reading through his deviantART Steel Nation archive, since it might give a better impression of what the Docs are completely oblivious of.

Which brings me on to this page - here, Tremor and Siege finally catch wind that Santris and Grenner are up to something. We also meet another of Santris' vile creations: Beta, who seems to be imbued with the powers of your everyday Dragonball Z saga villain. It's unfortunate that SN doesn't have anyone like Goku in order to combat him, or even just a guy with long flowing hair...

You can view (and comment on if you have a deviantART account) the original version of this page here.

  • Tremor, Siege, Beta, Dr. Grenner and Dr. Santris copyright © Degulus.
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