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31 - Counting Their Losses

31 - Counting Their Losses

Counting Their Losses

Here comes the exposition!

I had been avoiding actual plot with the Docs up to this point, but with no chance of winning the tournament I figured I could still have a damn good time within the tournament grounds!

Heh, someone has some Daddy issues. Granddaddy issues, too.

From this point, most of the plot was carefully orchestrated with other SN competitors. Serain had kindly given me permission to borrow Clyde for as long as I needed him (to mostly ask the questions the audience want answers to - the problem with the Docs is that they generally automatically know what the other is thinking), and Dra90nboi even helped me execute the event that follows this page...

  • Clyde Dore and the USB2000 copyright © Serain.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV copyright © Tenkyougan.
  • Dr. Santris and Magus copyright © Degulus.
  • Officer Ramirez copyright © DRa90NBoi.