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37 - Round 4 - Lunaris Royal Guard vs. Da iLLMaTiC CReW

37 - Round 4 - Lunaris Royal Guard vs. Da iLLMaTiC CReW

Round 4 - Lunaris Royal Guard vs. Da iLLMaTiC CReW

Cameos galore!

By this point there were so many sub-plots flying around that it would be futile for me to try and describe them all...but I'll have a damn good try at trying to describe the overall scene.

If you remember from Round 3, the Crew saved Jay from his psychotic manager Chloe and so have garnered his assistance and the help of his AI pal Valery. Valery is also having somewhat of a relationship with the Referee Bot (and SN Official), Ref Gregory.

The other official (outside of Dr. Alba), Jeff Castlerock, is having consistent problems with his robotic showgirls.

For this round, the four division finalists painted their mechs to represent their divisions (B-bot is black, the Lunaris mech is red, etc.).

Da iLLMaTiC CReW are just trying to get a handle on things. They're mostly unaware of the rivalries amongst all the villains.

The Lunaris Royal Guard represent a Monarchy established on the moon. As you do. They were dreamt up by DarkeAngel, a fellow Brit! Rather than try and describe the Lunarian's plotline, here's his SN gallery on DeviantArt.

Santris and his crew want to use SN to set their malicious plan in action...whatever that plan may actually be. In a twist, Seminoid and Caster team up to present an opposing force! Seminoid's BIA clones (that can generate and manipulate matter) driven by Caster's expendable henchmen. Amongst all this, the Docs and their small crew have finally got their hands back on the Biode (Advent Core) they lost back in round 3!

If you're wondering about who sabotaged the MTX MIRA security mechs, you obviously weren't paying attention!

Poor Dr. Alba. Wanting to try and keep things under wraps!

You can view (and comment on if you have a deviantART account) the original version of this page here.

P.S. Yes, that DragonForce line is obviously a playful dig at my round 3 entry (look under the Losing Entries section). I lol'd.