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47 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 2)

47 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 2)

Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 2)

And thus the Docs' true colours are revealed - they weren't helping at all! Dore must be off making the tea. Or piloting!

I actually mimicked the background of the Docs' shiny metallic cockpit in later pages, which buggered up the continuity for Degulus as he showed the Docs still using the old cockpit. As far as I'm concerned they're both correct: somehow the old and the new cockpit are both on the DeathAngel! There's probably a button to rotate between the two, or something.

This is their appearance mid-round (actually page 17 of the round!), so if you want to see the entire round you can start here!

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