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46 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 1)

46 - Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 1)

Round 5 - PSEUDO vs. B-BoT (Part 1)

So the Docs made an appearance within round 5, and this was their contribution to the winning version of the round, drawn in stunning visuals by the very talented Kitfox-Crimson.

I'm proud to say that one of the comments made on this page was " that guy 'peeing' his laser attack? 0.o", and Tenkyougan's typically subtle comment consisted of "LASER EJACULATION". Thanks for that, Tenk!

This is the Docs' appearance mid-round (actually page 16 of the round!), so if you want to see the entire round you can start here!

You can view (and comment on if you have a deviantART account) the original version of this page here.