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7 - Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 1)

7 - Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 1)

Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 1)

My first ever first round entry for an original character tournament. Ever.

I'm still immensely pleased with it. It just happened to be sheer coincidence that my characters would be pitted against the only other crazy Russian inventor in the entire tournament roster. It was a huge opportunity to bounce Gyrode off of an opponent, while Ralph just mugs to the camera in the background and complains.

This tournament also allowed contestants to choose their own round venues; in one round you might see two entries set in completely different environments, although in this case it just happened that me and Tenkyougan, Gregorovich's creator, both chose the same venue - an abandoned, ruined city (a sceptical mind might wonder how an organisation like MTX might suddenly gain legitimate ownership over such an area...).

The biggest problem this round was the fact that Greg's mecha, the Gigil Mk. III, was almost five times the size of the Deathbot. As it turns out, this caused me to think extra hard about how to defeat the colossus!