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8 - Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 2)

8 - Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 2)

Round 1 - Clash of the Russians (Part 2)

Some might argue that a rain gun against a solar-powered mech is a bit of an obvious cop-out. My response is "uh, hello, mad scientists? Duh?!". I also realise that my paper-clips vs. electromagnetic pulse reasoning at the end is a bit ropey, but it works to a certain level!

I was incredibly lucky this round, since Tenkyougan suffered a massive setback in the form of one of his work files corrupting itself. This meant that he didn't have time to achieve the ending he really wanted to the quality he desired, giving me a huge advantage. Had he done so, with his unique style there was a good chance that I would not have made it to the second round. You can see his 2½ part entry in the bonus area.

You can see the first round matches and verdicts here, by the way.

On this page you might have noticed the little stripy tin-can robot thing. That's Ref Gregory, the third of the three NPC officials (the other two being Dr. Alba and Jeff Castleroch, as seen on previous pages).

Funnily enough, the Docs made a very minor cameo in another entrant's round 1 entry. As if by some sort of fate, I would be against their character in the second round...

P.S. When Ralph says that he couldn't even get over the Gigil's big toe, I've referenced Asgar's spectator entry, which is half-correct: Ralph is holding a toolbox with intent to sabotage. However, the joke comes in that my opponent Tenkyougan made a comment on Asgar19's page saying "In retrospect, I have no idea HOW they'd sabotage Gigil. They can't even reach the upper half of his toe". That was fatal, because I'll absorb and reference everything when I'm in a competition!