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9 - A Farewell to (really long triple-jointed) Arms

9 - A Farewell to (really long triple-jointed) Arms

A Farewell to (really long triple-jointed) Arms

The second of my "spectator entries" (hope you're catching on to the lingo by now), following my win in round 1.

I wanted to keep Gregorovich on my side. This is a perk to winning, it's generally accepted that (with the permission of your defeated opponent, preferably) any defeated characters may suddenly ally themselves with the person/people who beat them...whether their incentive is money, endorsement, advertising or sheer mutual gain. Tenk rather graciously lent me Greg for a while. According to TVTropes, these partnered characters are called "tagalongs".

Also, Dr. Alba was quite right, Ralph's rain gun was quite juvenile compared to the chap who had managed to sneak a full-power laser gun through on the technicality that it's purpose was for "mining" (that seems to be a fairly familiar excuse, eh?). And then there's the sign I threw in there for "no assassinating", referring to one of the other round 1 entries, which had been rather abrupt, to say the least. Not that I hadn't liked it, I thought that it was an awfully direct and frank approach to winning! Shame it lost, but then it wouldn't have been fair on the other competitor if it hadn't, I suppose.