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24 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 7 - Scientific Hysteria

24 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 7 - Scientific Hysteria

Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 7 - Scientific Hysteria



Hysteria is the setting for The Pig's Ear, Craig Munro's webcomic (he's the guy who came up with the IDD, in case you have trouble reading copyrights in website footers). Truth be told, it's a great webcomic and was partly the inspiration for me finally utilising this webspace for comics. Craig's a really nice bloke, to boot.

Hysteria had been the setting for one of the earlier rounds, in which some of the racers drove their mobile tower through the pub, hence the pub being rebuilt here. I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to feature the eponymous Cyril the Wizard and the ever-suffering Barkeep in the final round, and it was a great reason to revisit the "science vs. magic" scenerio. I suspect that's also why we made Mister's armour so blatantly sterotypical.

Ralph also gets a glimpse of his alternate-world version, the Dr. Smiffington who should've been at the IDD. It must be like looking in the carnival mirror of your ssssooouuuulllll. Alternate Ralph was nicknamed "Bishie Ralph" by Tenkyougan (one of the Steel Nation participants) and ever since then that's what we've always called alternate Ralph.



Oh Bishie Ralph, you're so naïve. He really has no idea that all his lab assistants are trying to seduce him.


  • Mister December, Dennis the Banana, Dr. Sam Raines and Cyanide December copyright © AshleyLange.
  • Dr. Bungalow, "The Pig's Ear", Cyril T. Wizard and The Barkeep copyright © Craig Munro.