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25 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 8 - The...End?

25 - Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 8 - The...End?

Round 5 (vs. Mister December), Part 8 - The...End?



I've always been reluctant to reveal Gyrode's true intentions, but it felt right. Ivan's terrible secret is that he's really a good guy: the whole "putting animals into robots" thing is actually his work on animal liberation, to bring animal species up to the level of humanity. It's also why he despises anthropomorphs/furries like Chronic the Porcupine, as they rarely value their gift of humanity. However, he likes being the bad guy and just runs with it as it suits him better.

I actually quite liked Henry, despite my enthusiasm to have Ralph blast a hole in her in the last round. It was a shame the Docs never got to match wits with her two-on-one, as I'd have liked to have explored the concept of robot builders versus robot. I also threw in the line about the CIA too as that would have been an interesting dynamic, with the CIA robot versus the ex-KGB scientist.




I think the most fun I had with this round was drawing Duramble. He's on the edge, man!