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45 - At a Loss for Plans

45 - At a Loss for Plans

At a Loss for Plans

Having apparently not learned after the last time I did one of these exposition comics, I proceeded to produce this awful "filler" page to take the Docs from the fight to round 5. Remember, at this point the previous page was due to materialise so nobody had a bloody clue what the Docs were talking about as the last page they'd seen was slap-bang in the middle of a war.

Still, this page served its purpose, that being to quickly fill a gap before I released my next page.

Interesting tidbit: the final round would see black division's B-bot vs. white division's PSEUDO, which would mean that I'd been working with DRa90NBoi to give his final round and epic setting, and Degulus had equally been working with Kitfox-Crimson to give their final round an epic setting...

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