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54 - The Last Laugh

54 - The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

I'd had this "prize" in the back of my head from around mid-round 1. Got to have a backup plan in case you lose, right? All that stuff in-between, that's just the chaff diverting attention from the real prize!

Ralph snuck into the MTX centre during the Docs' "Epiphany" episode, by the way.

Some may presume me as pompous for having the sheer audacity to let the Docs claim a prize arguably greater than the one given for actually winning the tournament, but rest assured that this was all run past Dire-Musaera (the creator/host/almighty-god-type person of Steel Nation) - I asked if I could do this and she said yes!

In fact most of the dialogue between the mysterious SN chairman and poor Dr. Alba was provided by her (everything in their exchange from "try again next year" onwards). One of the panels is even based off of a sketch she kindly provided me of the SN chairman.

I hope she also doesn't mind me quoting from an e-mail she sent me, because one of her comments was hilarious: "the Clyde laugh and the applause. It's like steel nation was building up to that moment. Clyde is now a man". Steel Nation - a tale of one young villain's rites-of-passage!

It was time for the Docs and Clyde to part ways...

  • Clyde Dore and the UltraSuperBot2000 copyright © Serain.
  • Dr. Alba Bird, the Mysterious Sponsor and MTX Centre © Dire-Musaera.
  • Fluxie the flux capacitor © Jazon19.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV copyright © Tenkyougan.