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55 - Farewell, My Villainy

55 - Farewell, My Villainy

Farewell, My Villainy

This was great fun to write. I pinched a whole load of moments from Serain's losing round 2 entry because I wanted them to be canon!

Why is Gregorovich in hospital? Well, I have no idea, frankly. I presumed that he regains control of his body at some point (the guess was based on his presence and state of mind in other OC tournaments) and I had no idea if Degulus planned to cover it in his finale (he didn't). Let's just say that Greg felt odd and signed himself into the infirmary just to be safe. He's being looked after by another of my doctor characters, Dr. Foggy, so he's in safe hands either way.

The title was a play on the title of a very good book.

  • Dr. Foggy copyright © Sean Patrick Payne.
  • Clyde Dore and the UltraSuperBot2000 copyright © Serain.
  • Henry III and Hana copyright © Hunter-Wolf.
  • Gregorovich Tjernikov XV copyright © Tenkyougan.
  • Dr. Joshua Waite and the Ftagn copyright © Jazon19.