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56 - Overtime: The Two Doctors vs. Joshua Waite (Part 1)

56 - Overtime: The Two Doctors vs. Joshua Waite (Part 1)

Overtime: The Two Doctors vs. Joshua Waite (Part 1)

From around round 2, I'd promised Jazon19 that we'd have a battle. For about a year I insisted that we'd have our battle, and once the main plot was over it was time to fulfil my obligations.

Waite is heavily inspired by The Cthulu Mythos and the works of H.P. Lovecraft. This was probably the only time I'd ever look to do any material with a Lovecraft theme, so I used up all my Lovecraft material and had a ball using Lovecraft places and creatures. I had great fun drawing Innsmouth, for example. Waite's lab was fun, too - rather than conventional scaffolding, gantries and machinery I figured that Waite would use something more organic.

Overtime took about a year to make due to me being in the last year of my university course, and what do you know? I actually knuckled under and passed. Turns out I do have priorities!

Overtime also marks a point in my artwork where I started cleaning up the linework. I'm also still really proud of that last panel - see a bigger version here (under the "Miscellaneous" section).

Dr. Joshua Waite, Shoggy, Fluxie and the Ftagn copyright © Jazon19.