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0-04 - Friendly Terminology

0-04 - Friendly Terminology

Friendly Terminology

At the time this story takes place, it's been about seven or eight years since Steel Nation*, and about three years since the Inter-Dimensional Derby (you should probably read those first if you haven't already!).

If it's not quite apparent, the Docs aren't quite as chummy as they have been in the past. There are a few tensions - Gyrode's fed up with Smiffington being such a self-centred bastard and Smiffington is...well, just the self-centred bastard he's always been. These are both villains who usually operate solo, and the novelty of "teaming up" is long gone.

Either way, it's not a Two Docs story without some extended banter between the two. I'd like to say that I like coming up with the dialogue, but I just stick them in a room together in my brain and write down what they say to each other.

*Funnily enough, the creator of Steel Nation pointed out to me that it had actually been about seven years since the tournament in real life, so the Docs are moving along in real-time apparently! This was not planned, at all.