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0-06 - Where's Chronic?

0-06 - Where's Chronic?

Where's Chronic?

Chronic the Porcupine ("the Porcupine with Aptitude") is Gyrode's recurring anthropomorphic arch-nemesis who constantly foils his attempts to liberate the lesser animal species by giving them robot bodies. The press incorrectly assumes that he's using them as "organic batteries" but they're only half-right - the benefits to the animal inside the robot outweigh the cons.

The background of the first panel is a homage to the cover of Sonic 2 (one of the best video game covers ever). I even went to lengths of spriting the second panel in a 16-bit style rather than edit some copyright-infringing sprites like I would have done in the past. It's not a proper sprite job, but it'll do.

One last chestnut, I couldn't resist naming this page after a book I used to have as a kid - it was basically Where's Wally? (or "Where's Waldo?" in the U.S.) with Sonic the Hedgehog.