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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-02 - Courier Monologue

2-02 - Courier Monologue

Courier Monologue

My collaborator for this chapter was DarkeAngel, a really cool guy who just astounds me at how quick he works. He was a genuine delight to work with, and it was an added treat as we were both Steel Nation contestants back in 2007. If the Docs hadn't lost in round three, I could have potentially went on to go up against him in round 4! One of the only fellow Brits in the tournament, it was a shame we never got to compete. This chapter makes up for that in spades.

This chapter was inspired by spy films - James Bond, Jason Bourne, that sort of thing. We're both fans of Raymond Chandler too, so we sprinkled the script with a little bit of private investigator monologue, Philip Marlowe style. I really like the visual touch that Darke added with the black and white visuals that get interrupted by colour every time the Docs appear - I'd do the same in subsequent pages but I took the cue from him.

That guy's trenchcoat reminds me of Blade Runner and Snatcher. I love it!

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Natalia copyright © DarkeAngel. Who's Natalia? You'll just have to find out, but she's on this page, and not just in the narration!