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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-18 - Package Delivery

2-18 - Package Delivery

Package Delivery

GRACE is the American branch of a secret peacekeeping organisation (known as VIRTUE). Personally, I'd like to see more stories based around this organisation Darke has created, as the characters we see in this story give only a taster of the potential.

One reader posed the interesting question of what a shape-shifter would think of age, given that she can appear any age she wants - would she be loose on the subject, or very precise? Which then brought up the question of whether an ageless shape-shifter would be like actors like Peter Sellers who spend so much time pretending to be other people that they forget how to be themselves. I don't know the answers, I didn't think that metaphysically when I wrote this bit!

We also edited the calculated ages of the Docs in this strip as "mid-80's and pushing 95" were apparently a bit underwhelming to readers. Let's see that 105-year old do backflips instead!

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