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Chapter 2: The Russian Connection

2-25 - The Mech with Nothing

2-25 - The Mech with Nothing

The Mech with Nothing

A delightful exchange of dialogue I wish I could take credit for, but this is all Darke's scripting. He really nailed the way the Docs talk to each other, and gave me excellent opportunity to draw Ralph with some of his exaggerated expressions and gestures.

What the Docs are looking at here is an "X-MOW" (eXperimental-Mobile Orbital Weapon) frame, which is supposed to be piloted using Artificial Intelligence assistance (the A.I. is called "Ai", incidentally). Specifically, this is the X-MOW "BITS" frame, which is designed for agility. You can find out the full details about the X-MOW from its creator (it's a very detailed explanation!).

X-MOW, GRACE and VIRTUE copyright © DarkeAngel.